Fundraising Q&A

Feb. 29, 2024

Question: Why is the Library renovating?

Answer: Community feedback identified the need for more space, including a bigger children’s area, a gathering space for teens and a quiet room for reading and study. The renovation will update our 40-year-old library adding years of life to the building, making it more welcoming, accessible, and inclusive to everyone in the community. Upgrades will increase energy efficiency, improve air quality, ensure code compliance, and address the needs of our patrons as identified during multiple public consultations.


Question: How much more space will there be after renovations?

Answer: The library floor space before renovating was 767 m2 (8256 sq. ft).  The library will have 995 m2 (10,710 sq. ft) of floor space once the renovations and expansion work has been completed.


Question: Why are you fundraising?

Answer: We are fundraising to buy some new furniture, shelving and equipment including computers needed for our move back into the expanded and renovated building.


Question: Why isn’t the old furniture being used?

Answer: We are repurposing as much of our existing furniture and shelving as possible and intend to buy new shelving and furniture where needed to make our collections and space more accessible and welcoming.


Question: Why wasn’t furniture included in the renovation budget?

Answer: Furniture is a Library Board responsibility. The Library Board made the conscious decision to not include furniture in the construction budget when the Town of Edson assumed responsibility for the project in 2023.


Question: When did construction start and where can I see pictures?

Answer: Construction started at the end of August 2023. Please see our website for photos and details.


Question: When will the new Library re-open to the public?

Answer: We expect to reopen June 2024.


Question: How can I donate?

Answer: Donations can be made in person at our temporary location, or online through our website:


If you have further questions, please contact Connie Hargreaves: phone: 780-237-7539.